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Access Issues

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For the vast majority of the population, access issues for people with disabilities pass unnoticed.  However for those with physical or sensory impairments, what seems like a simple task can prove difficult at best and impossible in many cases, like the simple examples below.

  • Payment MachinesParking Meter
    Many parking meters in situ today were designed without wheelchair users in mind and the payment slots or ticket access can not be reached by persons in a wheelchair.  The forum has identified this need to the local authority.
  • Pavement Furniture
    Street cafe culture is a wonderful addition to our high street landscape but the placing of street furniture can present huge difficulties for people with visual impairements.  A lack of consistent placement of street furniture has to be identified and all interested parties consulted with to provide a solution.

There are many areas like this where WAAFA can help fight the cause for suitableDiabled access sign access for people with disability issues. If you think you can help, or have experienced difficulties with access and feel the forum should be notified,  please contact us.